Why You Should Absolutely Bring Your Bike Out of Storage This Weekend 


The Manayunk Bridge Trail | BasSlabbers/iStock.com

This weekend, two great things are happening: First off, we’re supposed to see temps in the high 60s (hallelujah!), with lots of sun; and two, it just so happens to be Opening Weekend for the Circuit Trails, also known as the hundreds of multi-use trails around the region. And to celebrate, there are tons of trail happenings — including LOTS of group bike rides — going down around town. So go ahead and dust off your Schwinn, and get ready to pedal in the sun this weekend.

You can check out a full rundown of all the happenings — including runs, rides, clean-ups, walks, and more — as part of the Circuit Trails Opening Weekend here (on their snazzy new website). But a few really cool events to point out: On Saturday, the Bicycle Coalition is leading an 18-mile Barnes-to-Barnes ride that will take cyclists from the new-ish Barnes location on the Ben Franklin Parkway past the old Barnes location in Lower Merion, and back, crossing the Manayunk Bridge Trail in the process; Another cool event is the Electric Parade Night Ride, for which riders will meet up at the Schuylkill River Park to get their bikes decked out in LED lights, then ride through the city. (Just think of the Instagram opportunities!)

If biking isn’t your jam, there’s also all sorts of free fitness classes — Yoga! Barre! Boot Camp! — going down at the Manayunk Bridge Trail as part of opening week festivities. Whatever you do, just promise us one thing: You’ll get outside — because spring seems to have finally (finally!) arrived.

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