The Checkup: Wait — Is Your Addiction to Dry Shampoo Destroying Your Hair?

And more healthy reads to start your week off on the right foot.

• When experts say you’re only supposed to shower once every two to three days, dry shampoo is beyond necessary. And if you work out on the regular, it may as well be food or water: There’s really no functioning without it. But applying it the wrong way — too liberally, too often, or in the wrong place on your head — could be doing damage to your hair and your scalp. NOOOOO. [Real Simple]

• Beans, beans, the magical fruit: Turns out, adding just over a serving of them to your diet every day could help your lose weight. [Women’s Health]

• Here, watch Taylor Swift face-plant on a treadmill. (It’s not as cute as this, but it is funny. And a bit cringe-worthy, honestly, as she’s rapping along to Drake’s Jumpman when it happens.) [Greatist]

• Question: If you were forced to consider how many teaspoons, rather than grams, of sugar were in a soda you were about to chug down, would you be more likely to reconsider? [Science of Us]

• If you can’t make a good poached egg to save your life, this (microwaveable!) tool could serve as your breakfast life raft. [POPSUGAR Food]

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