The Checkup: Is Using Your Significant Other’s Toothbrush Really That Gross?

And more healthy reads to start your morning.

• I can’t be the only one who’s groggily grabbed their boyfriend’s toothbrush in the morning, scrubbed away at every crevice in their mouth, then — at the very end of the tooth-brushing session — noticed the blue handle and screamed “NOOOOOO.” But, while scrubbing your mouth with someone else’s mouth germs is definitely not ideal, these words straight from a dentist’s mouth might make you feel a bit better: “Sharing a toothbrush is gross, but it’s probably little more harmful than many of the other things that couples and families do.” Phew. That all changes when you share a toothbrush with a stranger though. DON’T do that. [Prevention]

• If you always keep your fridge stocked with blue cheese (Helloooo, easy salad topper), bad news: Whole Foods just recalled a bunch of blue cheese sold across the U.S., so you might want to check your fridge. [Refinery29]

Leggings are the new skinny jeans, says the Gap Inc. CEO. But, I mean, we could’ve told you that. [Well + Good]

• Proof the health world is winning at life: This week, McDonald’s is rolling out egg-white breakfast bowls at some of its locations. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Next time you feel like going for a nice long walk, have this new app route you: Instead of giving you the shortest route to your destination, it takes you on the route that offers up the coolest sights. Neat, right? [Fast Company]

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