Details: The Next #NightShiftPHL Ends at the #RunStreakPHL Commencement Party

Next Monday, February 29th, marks the last day of #RunStreakPHL, so it only makes sense that Run215’s next #NightShiftPHL — their occasional secret free pop-up runs for night owls — coincides with the #RunStreakPHL finishers party. Duh. This way, runners can get their last #RunStreakPHL run in together.

Here’s the deal: Next Monday evening, February 29th, Run215 will hold their next #NightShiftPHL run. As always, the details for the event are top-secret and will be posted on Run215’s website the night before the run — so make sure to keep an eye out for that information Sunday night. But trust: From what Lyons tells us, this run is going to be like no run you’ve ever done before. A hint: It will take you underground. Intrigued?

The run will finish at Raven Lounge on Sansom Street where the #RunStreakPHL finishers party, hosted by Run215, Adidas and Philadelphia Runner, will be going on, starting at 9 p.m. There, everyone who completed all 29 days of the #RunStreakPHL challenge will receive their certificate and a well-earned free drink. They’ll also be doling out prizes to the best selfie takers from the challenge and there will be drink specials for all going through the night. (If you can’t make it to the party — because Tuesday-morning responsibilities, ugh — you can pick up your certificate at Philadelphia Runner’s Center City store next week.)

Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in on #NightShiftPHL which will automatically get you into the #RunStreakPHL commencement party, but only the folks who completed #RunStreakPHL will get a free drink. And if you hadn’t already figured it out, it’s going to be a wild night. A fair warning from Lyons: “Plan to take off from work Tuesday or call in late. It’s a leap year — we’re going hard.” (We promise not to tell your boss.)

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