The Checkup: How Counting Calories Can Sabotage Weight-Loss Success

• Last week, certified health coach Jolene Hart told us she’s not into counting calories, and focuses on the quality and nutrient content of foods instead. And here, a registered dietitian echoes her anti-calorie-counting philosophy: She says, for one, science shows counting calories can cause a spike in cortisol levels which is linked to belly fat (no thanks). And two, not all calories are created equal, so if you’re looking to lose weight, counting calories to do so can easily backfire. [Health]

• Good news for all the Broad Street Run runners in training out there: When it comes to keeping your brain in tip-top shape, a new study shows distance running might be the most effective workout. [New York Times]

• Skin care is one of those things: It can take years — years, I tell you! — to figure out what works for you. And while dermatologists might not always be able to tell you exactly what to do, they can tell you what not to do. Here, derms dish on the worst skin care advice they’ve ever heard — and much of it is really common. [Greatist]

• There’s something weird lurking in your parmesan cheese — wood pulp to be exact. Yes: wood pulp. [Women’s Health]

• If you hate grocery shopping because you hate the set-up of, well, every single grocery store, you are not alone. [Pacific Standard]

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