The Checkup: The Surprising Ingredient That Will Make Your Scrambled Eggs Taste Even Better

And more healthy reads to start your day.

• I’m a bit of a scrambled-egg fiend — I alternate my breakfasts between eggs and a bowl of oatmeal pretty much every single day — which is why this article about how coconut milk (!) is a total scrambled eggs game changer has me totally intrigued. Have you tried it? [Huffington Post

• Love this: Check out this app, created by a 12-year-old girl, designed to make life easier — and more predictable — for autistic kids. Her inspiration? Her autistic sister. [ABC]

• Wish you could nap on the job? Here’s what happened when one gal made time for power naps every day for an entire week. [Fitness Magazine]

• Dare I ask how your New Year’s resolutions are going? If you’re having trouble sticking with them, check out these smart strategies for turning a fitness goal into a lifelong habit for health. [Washington Post]

• Ah, the unfortunate reverse psychology of food scare tactics: how negative food messages — “Don’t eat that!” — can actually lead you to make poorer food choices. [Greatist]

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