The Checkup: The Reason Your Legs Itch When You Run

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• I have two friends who swear they get hives every time they run. When they told me, I pretty much thought they were crazy — but now I’m changing my tune. Turns out, runner’s leg itch is apparently pretty common, especially when you’re getting back into the swing of fitness after some time off. Here’s why it happens, and how to push through. [Women’s Running

• Not a morning person? You can blame your genes, according to new research. [Fast Company]

• Say adios to blackheads: Here, seven ways to beat them. [Health]

• I love beans. Which is why I am pretty psyched on these creative bean recipes. [Bon Appétit]

• Impressive: Read about Calum Neff, a dad who, over the weekend, won a half marathon and set a record for running 13.1 while pushing a stroller at the same time. [Competitor]

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