The Checkup: This Is How Much Time You Waste at Work, Research Says

And more headlines that caught our eye this morning.

• Well, this is a total surprise. Researchers recently crunched the numbers to figure out how many minutes a day we fritter away while we’re at work. Turns out, we waste way less time than you probably would have guessed. [Science of Us]

• A reminder: You don’t need to shower as often as you do. In fact, if you’re showering every single day, you’re overdoing it, experts say. [Ozy]

• Let’s get real: Some days a home-cooked dinner — or, heck, even lunch or breakfast — so isn’t happening. When you don’t feel like cooking up a masterpiece, take a cue from these nutritionist-approved, easy-to-throw-together meal ideas for effort-free eating you can feel good about. [Huffington Post]

• Proof that 30 minutes on an elliptical can actually be fun. [Health]

• Behold! Quinoa pizza crust: a step-by-step tutorial. [Cooking Light]

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