The Checkup: The Stretch Your Entire Body Will Thank You For

And more healthy reads that caught our eye this morning.

• Sure, it looks a bit, er, contortionist, but this Child’s Pose on steroids will stretch pretty much everything that aches, from the tippy-top of your neck and allllll the way down your back — with a chest stretch thrown in for good measure. [POPSUGAR

• This is one you’ll want to bookmark: the one-stop guide to freezing everything under the sun, from fruits and veggies to sauces and doughs. [Bon Appétit]

• Ah ha! This is why you stocked up on all of that junk food before the big blizzard over the weekend. [Washington Post]

• Here, the secret to staying in shape. (It’s all about the love.) [Fast Company]

• If you’re routinely skimping on your warm-up, you should rethink your fitness plan, like, right now. [Outside]

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