The Checkup: How to Optimize Your Email Habits to Seriously Lower Stress Levels

And more healthy reads that caught our eye today.

• Email is a fickle friend: On the one hand, it’s, well, handy. And quick. But on the other hand, it can turn what might otherwise be a 9-to-5 job into an around-the-clock stressor. If inbox anxiety is weighing you down, check out these smart strategies for rehabbing your email habits for a more balanced relationship with the send button. [Huffington Post

• Koji! Chickpeas! Turmeric! Here, the healthy food trends you’ll see a lot more of this year. [Bon Appétit]

• Sorry, Charlie. Researchers are coming up with ways to prevent you from tricking your fitness tracker. [Futurity]

• The results are in: Smarter people live longer, according to a new study. [Mental Floss]

• Curious about the whole clean-eating trend? Here’s an easy-to-follow plan with two weeks worth of totally clean meal ideas. [POPSUGAR]

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