The No-Gym-Necessary New Year’s Workout Challenge: Week 2

Who's ready to sweat?



Congrats on making it through the first week of the Be Well Philly New Year’s Challenge alive! It wasn’t too bad, was it? Below, you’ll find your workouts for the second week. Happy sweating!

Monday: The Count-by-Fives Workout

You made it through week one, which is always the hardest, right?! So let’s keep that momentum going into week two. For this your first workout of the week, you’ll start by doing 25 reps of one exercise, then 20 reps of two different exercises, 15 reps of three exercises, and 10 reps of four exercises (all of the exercises are listed below). Then, go through the circuit two more times for a total of three rounds. Got it? Good luck!

• Run 1 mile to warm up

Do three rounds of the following circuit
25 squat jumps
20 ab twists
20 ski jumpers
15 push-ups
15 dead lifts
15 tricep dips
10 burpees
10 bent-over row
10 lateral raise
10 knee drives

Tuesday: Cardio 30 for 60 minutes

Choose any form of cardio you’d like and get going! This can be running, dancing to Beyoncé in front of your mirror, biking — whatever makes you happy. Just make sure to keep going for at least 30 minutes.

Wednesday: Yoga or Pilates

Because Wednesdays call for some zen, are we right? You can either go to a yoga or Pilates class or, if you don’t see yourself making it out of the house, you can opt for an online on-demand yoga class. Pssst: Verge Yoga has tons of online options here or you can find our nice long list of cheap yoga classes around Philly here.

Thursday: Interval Workout

Only have 30 minutes to get in some cardio today? Doing some high-intensity intervals will help you make the most out of those 30 minutes AND make the time go by a little bit faster. Who doesn’t love that? From start to finish, this workout will only take you 30 minutes, so no excuses not to get your sweat on today.

5-minute warm-up (light pace)

20 second sprint (high intensity) :: 40 second recovery x 5
20 second sprint (moderate intensity) :: 20 second sprint (high intensity) :: 20 second recovery x 5
30 second sprint (high intensity) :: 30 second recovery x 5
30 second sprint (moderate intensity) :: 30 second sprint (high intensity) :: 30 second recovery) x 4

4-minute cool down (light pace)

Friday: Buddy Workout

Grab a buddy and a stopwatch for this workout! You can definitely do this one on your own as well, but sometimes having someone there to push you is just the motivation you need to work a little bit harder. You are going to work with pairs of exercises, doing 30 seconds of each, back and forth five times for a total of five minutes per round. If you’re working with a partner, just switch exercises every 30 seconds for five minutes before moving on to the next pair of exercises. If you’re working on your own, just alternate between the exercises listed every 30 seconds.

• Run 1 mile to warm up

30 seconds : 30 seconds x 5 minutes
Squat hold : burpees
Lunge jumps : tricep dips
Ski jumpers : upright rows
Dead lifts : front raises
Squat : plank
Crunches : push-ups

Just getting started? You can check out the first week of the No-Gym-Necessary New Year’s Workout Challenge here.


Audrey McKenna Hasse is the owner of A.M.Fit, a personal training and healthy consultation business on the Main Line. You’ll find her workouts every Monday right here on Be Well Philly.

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