New Seasonal Vegan Supper Club Coming to Center City

You know when you make plans to go to a dinner party and the person hosting asks “Any dietary restrictions?” and then you ask yourself: Do I email them back and say “Yes, actually: No dairy, no gluten and no soy, if possible. xoxo ” and pray they don’t murder you? Or do you keep your mouth shut so you don’t get crossed off their dinner-party invite list forever? If you are vegan or gluten-free, you’ve probably found yourself hovering over your keyboard wondering whether to type away or keep mum, but a new vegan and gluten-free supper club coming to Center City, delightfully dubbed the Feast, lets you have your dinner-party fun minus the awkward “I can’t eat this. Or that.” conversation. Hallelujah!

The seasonal supper club, a collaboration between Animo in Logan Circle and local health coach Jessica Baumgardner, will feature a three-course prix-fixe menu of plant-based, gluten-free dishes, all made without refined sugars. As Baumgardner tells us, attendees can expect snacks to start like mushroom- and cashew-topped rosemary crackers, followed by dishes like vegan risotto (!!) and more. (Don’t expect Animo-style burritos — they are the venue, but Baumgardner is in charge of the food.) And a vegan dinner party isn’t a vegan dinner party without kombucha cocktails, so you can expect some of those alongside your plant-based fare as well. The dinners, capped at 25, will be held at one long community table to heighten the dinner-party vibes.

The supper club will be held at Animo’s Logan Circle location seasonally, though Baumgardner tells us, if people are really into the idea, they might make the dinners more frequent. The first of the Feast’s dinners is going down Friday, January 29th at 7 p.m., and will run you $50 per seat. You can reserve your spot by emailing them here, and you can stay tuned for future supper club dates on Facebook here. Happy (stress-free) dining!

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