The Checkup: THIS Burns More Calories Than Running?!

And more health headlines that caught our eye today.

• Somebody find me a pair of jazz shoes, stat! A new study found that dancing — specifically, contemporary, swing or street dancing — may actually burn more calories that running, cycling or swimming, believe it or not. [CBS Philly]  

• No matter what form of exercise you choose, please don’t forget to stretch after your sweat sesh. Here are all the things that happen to your body when you skip your stretching routine. (Hint: It ain’t pretty.) [Fitness Magazine]

• Attention: You are using far, far too much toothpaste when you brush. [Greatist]

• Er, guys? When’s the last time you cleaned your coffeemaker? You’ll want to get on it pronto after reading this. [Women’s Health]

• Next time you have a cold, reach for some raw garlic. It may help shorten your cold and get you back on your feet sooner, according to new research. [Prevention]

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