The Checkup: How to Make Perfume and Cologne Scents Last Longer

And more headlines that caught our eye this morning.

• If you’ve always sprayed perfume or cologne on your wrists or neck, well, you’ve always been doing it wrong. Experts say there’s no proven evidence that spritzing these areas, which are pulse points, makes the scent last longer. The good news: There are ways to optimize your perfume and cologne habits to prolong your pleasant smell. Click through for the cheat sheet. [Greatist

• You may soon be drinking your mushrooms in the same way you drink your coffee. Yay? [Well + Good]

• Is there an ideal number of times you’re supposed to eat throughout the day? Here’s one expert’s magic number. [Q by Equinox]

• Here’s a feather in your cap, yogis. A new study found that regular yoga sessions are really, really, really good for your bones. [Yahoo Health]

• Useful: a head-to-head nutrition showdown of five kinds of milk alternatives, from hemp to soy and more. [Men’s Health]

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