The Checkup: If You Shower for More Than 10 Minutes, You’re Doing It Wrong

And more reads to help you start your Thursday the right way.

• The other day, I took a shower that lasted about 15 minutes, and when I was drying off, my boyfriend remarked, “That’s the shortest shower I’ve ever seen you take.” Welp, according to experts, not only am I a greedy water-hogger, I’m also showering all wrong. Ideally, a hot shower should only last between five and 10 minutes, to avoid stripping your skin of too much moisture. [Greatist]

• Before you curse your daily morning walk to the subway, take note: A new study shows that people in “very walkable” cities, like Philly, are significantly less likely to be fat. [Fast Company]

• These are the foods that were googled the most in relation to their calorie counts this year. Spoiler alert: The results aren’t pretty for most of them. [The Atlantic]

Almond oil: the new coconut oil? [Q by Equinox]

• Useful! Here’s how to stop freaking out about all the work stuff you didn’t have time to get done when you finally leave the office and head home. Because, I mean, you can’t (er, you really shouldn’t) sleep there. [Science of Us]

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