The Checkup: The Exercise to Wake You Up When You Just Want to Sleep Forever

And more healthy reads to get your mind moving this morning.

• Welp, this should come in handy right about now: Taryn Toomey, a NY-based trainer, focuses on how fitness impacts your mind. She just started a series with Well + Good called Mood Moves, and for the first move, she offers up a squat jump that works in breathing, designed to wake you up when the thought of walking to the subway and going to work makes you want to die a thousand deaths. (We’ve all been there, right?) [Well + Good]

• A must-read for any runner who has ever had a running-related question — so all of them: “The 25 Golden Rules of Running,” as created by Runner’s World. Seriously, this list answers all your questions, from how to train to how to fuel to how to rest. [Runner’s World]

• If you haven’t jumped on the Bulletproof Coffee bandwagon because you’re vegan and putting a tablespoon of butter into your coffee totally doesn’t jibe with your eating philosophies, take note: A recipe for Elevated Coffee, a vegan take on the fat-burning java concoction. [Nutrition Stripped]

• If only we’d all had this handy guide this past Sunday: How to organize your to-do list so that you get stuff done and feel good (rather than pull-your-hair-out stressed) about it. [MindBodyGreen]

Humans really are born to run, science says. [Refinery29]

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