The Checkup: How to Eat Well — And Keep Your Weight in Check — Without Dieting

The health and wellness headlines that caught our eye today.

• You’ve probably heard of the “everything in moderation” approach to eating — that is, allowing yourself to eat a little bit of everything you want, as a way to satisfy cravings without going overboard. The problem with it, according to a new study, is that, well, it doesn’t really work: Study subjects who ate everything in moderation increased their waist circumference by 120 percent (!) over five years. If you want to make the eat-what-you-want method work, check out these dietitian-approved tips for indulging without overindulging. [Health

• Hey ladies, did you know your makeup has an expiration date? Here’s how long it takes for everything from mascara to eyeshadow to foundation to go bad. (Spoiler: Lipstick lasts way longer that I would have guessed!) [Women’s Health]

• A-ha! Foot cramps, explained. [POPSUGAR]

• Love: how to be the best running buddy ever. [Yahoo Health]

• The scientific reason it’s okay to be unhappy, according to a new study. [Science of Us]

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