The Checkup: 5-Year-Old CHOP Patient Becomes Superhero in Latest Iron Man Comic

And more morning headlines to kick off your Thursday.

• Get ready to have your happy cry for the week: Five-year-old CHOP patient Max Levy was diagnosed with hemophilia as a baby. A few years later, when he needed to have a portacath put in, his parents explained the procedure like one does to a four-year-old: in Iron Man analogies. And, long story short, his family then nicknamed him Iron Max, word got to someone who actually writes Iron Man comics for Marvel, and 18 months later, Max Levy is IN an Iron Man comic. Are you crying? I thought so. [The Comeback]

• A study followed ultramarathoners and found their brains shrank — by six percent on average — over the course of the race. But don’t worry: They returned back to normal eventually. Within six months, at least. [Science of Us]

Bananas could go extinct sometime in the not-too-far future. While some are fearfully referring to this possibility as Bananapocolypse, I personally would not be upset. [Well + Good]

• This dessert is the whole package: A healthy peanut-buttery (and protein-packed) dessert that, conveniently, helps put you to sleep. [Men’s Health]

• Whether you’re a morning person or a night owl, these science-backed insights about both types of humans will probably pique your interest. [Fast Company]

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