The Checkup: Why You Cry When You’re Happy, Explained (Finally!) 

And more morning reads that make life easier to understand.

• A few years ago, my best friend got married in her parents’ living room and I videotaped the entire thing. But it wasn’t really worth videotaping, because all you can hear is loud, sobbing sounds … coming from me. I swear, they were happy sobs, but still, it is not cute. And for years, I have wondered: Why the heck couldn’t I control my tear ducts?!? So I am oh-so-grateful to have that episode explained to me by the lovely folks over at Science of Us. If you, too, are a happy cryer, click through to learn why. [Science of Us]

• These are the weird things some of do while we sleep. And they are really, really weird. []

• Good news, coffee addicts! A new study found that drinking a lot of coffee — three to five cups a day — could help you live longer than those who steer clear of java. [NPR]

• Fingers crossed your heater doesn’t break this winter (like mine did last winter), but just in case: 16 heater-free ways to stay warm, right this way. [Greatist]

• The pros and cons of staring at yourself in the mirror while getting your sweat on. (Hey, we’re all guilty of being completely narcissistic sometimes, right?) [Q by Equinox]

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