The Checkup: The Real Reason Your Hands and Feet Are Always Freezing

And more health headlines worth reading today.

• This one goes out to all the ladies and gents who sit at work all day with freezing, ice-cold fingers (me!): A doctor explains why your hands and feet are so ridiculously cold all the time. [Buzzfeed

Birth centers, midwife-run clinics that are hospital alternatives for pregnant moms — just like the one out in Bryn Mawr — are on the rise nationwide, with 113 new ones that have opened since 2010. That’s a 57 percent increase in five years. [CNN]

• Interesting read: Here’s what happened when one woman rehabbed her beauty routine, purged her makeup bag, and rehabbed her relationship with products. (Spoiler: Her skin cleared up, and she saved a ton of money.) [MindBodyGreen]

• You know what could keep you away from the doctor’s office? Nope, it’s not a flu shot. It’s a little rest and relaxation, according to a new study, which found that subjects who underwent an eight-week relaxation program cut their use of physician services by 43 percent. [TIME]

• No joke: An MIT scientist has invented a pill to help you age better. [Fast Company]

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