The Checkup: How to Ace Your Morning Ritual to Prep for a Perfect Day

And more up-and-at-'em reads to start your day.

• Okay, so you have your coffee game down pat. But what about the rest of your pre-work ritual? If it’s been feeling a bit chaotic or lackluster or generally, well, meh of late, check out these 11 tips for starting your day off on the best possible foot. [HuPo Healthy Living

• Are you a fan of tangy Greek yogurt and sour fermented kombucha? You’re not alone: Sour foods, many of which are full of health benefits, are making a comeback — and kicking sweet treats to the curb. [NPR]

• Here’s one for the bookmark bar: easy-to-make, three-ingredient chicken marinades — a whopping 31 of them. [Buzzfeed]

• If you think you could stand a refresher course on worthwhile strength-training moves, read this: eight time-wasting strength exercises to kick to the curb (with better options to substitute). [Prevention]

• Why it’s good — really good — to be reminded of how awesome you are. (You’re awesome! Did you know?) [Science of Us]

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