Breaking News: HipCityVeg Has a Pumpkin Shake Now

pumpkin shakeIf you don’t know, now you know: HipCityVeg’s newest seasonal vegan shake, which they just started running today, is a pumpkin shake. In the name of work, I taste-tested it (the things I do for this job), and I am happy to report that it was the bomb.

I also had just about everyone I ran into en route back to my desk give it a try (so not sanitary, I know), and they all reported that it was, one, delicious, and two, not overloaded with fall spices like your typical fall pumpkin drink. Be Well editor Emily did say it reminded her a bit of a chai latte, though. Personally, I think it tastes like a really good slice of pumpkin pie in liquid form.

They’ll have the shake at both locations through the fall, so go, treat yo’self!

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