The Checkup: The Many Benefits of a Six-Hour Work Day

And more healthy reads to kickstart your week.

• Get this: Employers in Sweden have been test driving a six-hour work day and have all sorts of amazing things to report about their employees’ increased energy levels, productivity and job satisfaction — all of which have resulted in increased profits for their businesses. America (*ahem Philly Mag ahem*), this really gives us something to think about. [Newser]

• This, scientifically speaking, is why your dog loves you. (And why you love your little Shmoopty right back.) [Wall Street Journal]

• What’s on the menu for lunch this week? How about a delicious stuffed avocado? Yes, please. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Why your plates are making you fat. (Note: Your forks and spoons may not be helping, either.) [Yahoo Health]

• If you’ve been meticulously peeling your vegetables all these years, you should stop — now. [Bon Appétit]

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