The Checkup: Why You Only Need to Run 52 Minutes a Week

And more healthy reads to turbocharge your day.

philly runners

• Science has some great news for casual runners: You don’t have to run for hours and hours a week to reap some serious health benefits — including living longer than non-runners. [Runner’s World

• If you’re one of those people who’s addicted to diet soda (you know who you are), listen up: A new study found that diet soda can seriously undermine your weight-loss (and weight-maintenance) efforts. The reason why just might surprise you. [TIME]

• I’m preeeeetty sure you can find seven minutes in your day to tone and strengthen your butt, right? Right. [Fitness]

• The truth about two-a-day workouts (and how to do them without hurting yourself). [Greatist]

• If you’re short on time at the gym, you need to maximize every last minute. Check out these three ways to torch more calories in just 20 minutes. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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