YESSSS. #RuntoWorkPHL Is ON!

Our second annual day of run-commuting is happening on Friday, September 18th.

Run to Work Day 2015

A few of you have asked if we’re doing another Run to Work Day Philly after last year’s huge success, and I’m happy to fiiiiiiinally announce that the answer is yes. Yes, yes, 100 percent YES. 

Once again, we’re teaming up with the awesome folks at Philadelphia Runner and Run215 for the second annual #RuntoWorkPHL on September 18th. To refresh your memory, the idea came up last year after we shared an item about how more and more people across the country are opting for running commutes. It launched a Twitter convo with a few local runners, that eventually turned into a petition asking Mayor Michael Nutter to sanction an official Run to Work Day Philly. In the meantime, we decided to go ahead and just plan one ourselves to get the ball rolling, and bada-bing, bada-boom: Run to Work Day Philly was born.

To be quite honest, we weren’t entirely sure how many people would participate in our first annual event last year. I mean, it totally could have just been me, Liz from Philly Runner and Jon from Run215 enjoying an early morning run alone in Center City. That would have been lovely and all (they’re some fine folks, if you’ve never had the pleasure), but what actually happened was a region-wide movement: literally hundreds of people lacing up their shoes, leaving their car keys and SEPTA tokens at home, and hoofing it to the office. Seriously, you guys blew our MINDS with how all-in you were. I remember spending the entire day just looking at all the #RuntoWorkPHL tweets and Instagrams, and just beaming from ear to ear. You made us proud.

So of course we wanted to do it up proper this year by making the day even bigger, better and badder than last year. We’re talking city-wide running groups, a pre-work runners’ party, giveaways, raffles and all sorts of other surprises we’ll reveal in the coming days. We’ll also be rolling out a series of #RuntoWorkPHL blog posts here on Be Well Philly to help you sort out all the logistics of running to the office. (Where to shower? How to lug your stuff? And etc.) So stay tuned.

For right now, you just need to mark your calendar for Friday, September 18th, and go RSVP on our Facebook invite. Be sure to share it with all your friends. Our dream is to have an entire city and region forgo, for one day, their typical commutes and opt for a sweat-tastic start to their day instead. Join the #RuntoWorkPHL movement, and help us show everyone that Philly is an awesome place to run and work.

Are you with us?!

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