The Checkup: 24 Tips to Make a Morning-Workout Habit Stick — Once and For All

Your morning jolt of health and fitness.

• Ah, the ever elusive morning workout. If every evening you go to sleep with the best of intentions, only to wake up for an early-morning workout thinking, “Nope! Back to bed,” welp, these pro tips are for you. [Greatist

• And now for an ab lesson, courtesy of gymnasts everywhere: Meet the hollow-body hold, an ab exercise practiced by gymnasts that’s apparently the key to a seriously strong core. [Men’s Health]

• Wow. Lululemon just majorly overhauled its legging selection. Shopping trip, anyone? [Racked]

• Ever experience runner’s high? You may have a hormone to thank for that, according to new research. [Washington Post]

• Attention, large-chested ladies: Check out these useful reviews of high-impact, super-supportive sports bras for ladies with, ahem, bigger girls to contend with. [Well + Good]

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