West Philly Runners to Host Little Baby’s Ice Cream Run September 19th

little babys

Little Baby’s Ice Cream | Photo via Facebook

I don’t need to do much editorializing about this upcoming fun run because the description really says it all.

Ahem: “We’ll start our run at Little Baby’s Ice Cream’s Cedar Park Embassy (49th and Baltimore),” says the Facebook post, “and then run to the World Headquarters at 2311 Frankford Ave in Fishtown. Why? Because Ice Cream!”

Exactly. Because ice cream, duh. West Philly Runners is organizing this one, and WPR founder Alon Abramson tells me it was inspired by this hilarious story, posted by a member of the West Philly Runners’ Facebook group on Tuesday:

You all have been so inspiring but I think sometimes it’s good to look at bad examples to learn from it. Here’s one: I headed out with 10 mile goal. Out of the blue, at mile 6 Mister Softee stopped right in front of me with the magical music. BAM! Before I know it, I had an ice cream in my hand. Dragging myself for another 2 miles then I got so out of it. It all went down from there because now I’m walking that 2 miles back home with a cup of Wawa chocolate chai tea in my hand.

“That story just made me laugh so hard and made me so happy that it had to evolve into running FOR ice cream,” Abramson says. “I think pretty much every runner can relate to this.

Yep, he’s absolutely right. For your calendar purposes, the Little Baby’s run is happening on Saturday, September 19th, beginning at 10 a.m. Expect to run about 6.5 miles. All are welcome — just be sure to RSVP over on Facebook.

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