The Checkup: How to Tell If Your Sneakers Fit All Wrong

And more healthy reads to start your Tuesday.



• Fact: I wore running shoes that were a half-size too small for years. Looking back, it’s no wonder I had so many dang blisters! Here, seven surefire ways to tell if your feet are paying the price of poor fit. [Fitness Magazine

• The best thing about this article on cleaning out your email inbox once and for all? It includes a link to a service that will unsubscribe you from ALL unwanted email lists with just one click. [Men’s Health]

• While we’re at it, let’s go beyond reclaiming your inbox: Rehab your entire workplace productivity plan with these smart tips from a former Google employee. [Fast Company]

• Here are all the non-kale greens you should have been eating all along. Oops. [Zelle]

• What if, instead of shampoo, you just washed your hair with conditioner? It’s a thing, it’s called co-washing, and it’s all the rage right now. [Health]

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