The Checkup: How to Become a Faster Runner in 15 Minutes

The top health and fitness reads to start your day



• Hey, runners: Want to shave a few precious seconds off your PR? New research lays out a tried-and-true, speed-boosting workout that’ll get you across the finish line faster. Bonus: It takes just 15 minutes to complete. [Runner’s World

• If your midday snack time includes a trip (or, um, three) to the vending machine, you need to read these 10 commandments of smarter snacking, like, STAT. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• The truth about the pain-killing powers of Tylenol, Advil and aspirin — and which one works best, according to experts. [Vox]

• Whether you’re new to spinning or an seasoned pro, take a looksie at this checklist of the biggest mistakes people make during a spin class. (And stop gripping the bars so tightly, already!) [Well + Good]

• This, right here, is your game plan to the most ridiculously productive Tuesday of your life, guaranteed. [Fast Company]

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