Bummer: Giant 1,000-Foot Slip ‘N Slide Won’t Be Coming to Philly This Summer

But you can go get your slide on in Allentown this weekend. 

Slide in the City

Slide in the City

Back in January, we told you guys about the awesome 1,000-foot Slip ‘N Slide the folks from Slide the City were planning to bring to Philly sometime this summer. For the longest time, info for the Philly event simply said “coming soon,” and since summer hit, we’ve been refreshing the website every single day only to see that same infuriating “coming soon” where the date and location should be. Once August rolled around, we became skeptical.

I reached out to Slide the City a few weeks ago to see if they’d secured a date for Philly yet but got no response. Then, last Friday I got an email from them — it probably went to everyone who’d requested to be notified when the Philly event info was up — saying “Our season is coming to an end, and we’re sad we can’t come to Philadelphia this year, but our Allentown event is going to be epic.”

So, there you have it, folks: You won’t be reliving your youth while screaming your way down a giant 1,000-foot Slip ‘N Slide this year — unless you feel like making your way to Allentown this weekend. The Slide the City event in Allentown will go down this Saturday, August 15th, and it’ll cost you anywhere from $21 to $45 to register. You can find more info here.

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