Healthy Market With Huge Prepared Food Selection to Open Multiple Locations in Philly This Year

Snap Kitchen is about to be your new heaven on Earth.

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Let’s face it: In our busy lives, preparing a nutritious meal from scratch just isn’t always feasible, and the already-prepared meals available to us abound with not-so-healthy options. So when we saw over on the Philadelphia Business Journal that Snap Kitchen is coming to Philly, we had to shout the news from the rooftops (and by rooftops I mean this blog), because this Austin-based healthy market solves this dilemma magnificently.

A cross between a convenience store and takeout restaurant, Snap Kitchen’s slogan is “A healthy meal is just a few minutes away.” Each location sells an extensive menu of prepared “heat and eat” meals, salads, snacks, and juices, with dishes appropriate for every meal of the day. The market offers choices for every dietary need you could think of, categorizing its meals with helpful labels like “carb conscious,” “gluten-free,” and “plant-powered.”

Snap Kitchen’s philosophy, too, totally aligns with us healthy foodies who desire to know exactly where our food comes from — they source ingredients locally and sustainably and are totally transparent about nutrition information. And with choices like Bison Quinoa Hash, Grilled Kale Hoppin’ John, and Chia Seed and Date Pudding, Snap Kitchen’s shelves could rival any prepared food section at Wegmans. In fact, co-owner Martin Berson told the Philadelphia Business Journal Wegmans would be one of their top competitors in the Philly market. 

The company told the Philadelphia Business Journal they’re planning to open five new locations in the Philly area by the end of the year — in Rittenhouse Square, Jefferson Hospital, Old City, Fairmount, and Malvern — and they hope to expand further in the future. We’ll be waiting with bated breath. 

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