The Checkup: Must-Know Kitchen Hacks to Make Your Food Last Longer 



• If you’ve ever bought a giant bottle of green juice only to realize its expiration date is right around the corner and, well, you can’t stomach an entire bottle of green juice in just two days, and then had throw it (along with $12) in the garbage, never again. Juice pros say to just pop it in the freezer and BAM: you’ve bought yourself a few more days. Here, many more kitchen hacks to keep your healthy goods from going bad on you. [Shape]

• As I type this, while the temperature outside reads 87 degrees, I am sitting in my desk chair with a blanket wrapped around every piece of exposed skin it will cover. What does this have to do with anything? It turns out, there’s a scientific equation based on metabolic rate that explains why women are always shivering away in their cubicles while men feel just fine. [TIME]

• Here, how to make the most out of your five-minute breaks today. Note: Scrolling through Instagram is not on the list. [Huffington Post]

• Because sometimes, you just can’t help it: The dermatologist-approved method for popping a pimple. [Greatist]

• Already planning next summer’s vacation? Here, 11 national parks that totally deserve to be on your bucket list. [Men’s Health]

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