Your Labor Day Plans: Take a Party Bus to a Weekend of Trail Running, Drinking and Yoga

Get your tickets, like, now.



You guys, this is so, so, so awesome: Labor Day weekend, Run215 and Philadelphia Runner are teaming up to host an epic few days of running, drinking, downward-dogging and party bus shenanigans.

Here’s the deal: They’re hosting a retreat dubbed the Great Escape which will take 50 runners on a party bus — fully stocked with plenty of Yards beer, might I add — first to Rothrock State Park for a trail run, and then to State College. There, participants will attend the grand opening of Philadelphia Runner’s brand-spankin’-new store, Anthym — and chow down on some good food and drink, of course.

But the fun doesn’t stop there: After the grand opening party, Run215 will lead one of their classic #NightShiftPHL runs on Penn State’s campus. So. Freakin’. Awesome. Amiriiiite?

In the morning, after your day of running and drinking, you’ll detox with a good yoga session before heading back to Philly on the party bus. The trip will leave from downtown Philly at noon on September 5th and you’ll head back after morning yoga on the 6th. A ticket will run you $49 and includes everything mentioned above, though you’ll have to pay for your own hotel room. You can find out more and grab your ticket here. And trust us, you’re going to want to hurry: There are only 50 tickets available and the site just went live. Note: If you don’t make it onto the party bus, you’re still welcome  to join in on the festivities — you’ll just have to drive yourself.

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