The Checkup: This Is How Many Burpees It Takes to Burn Off a Glass of Wine

And more healthy reads to start your week.



• Warning: This is a look-if-you-dare kind of thing. Here, how many burpees, on average, it takes to burn off the calories from your favorite indulgences like grilled cheese (a lot), dark chocolate, red wine and more. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

Stop Googling your symptoms, already. For one, the never-ending supply of rash images Google manages to supply is disturbing and guaranteed to traumatize you. And two, the online diagnoses you’re getting are probably pretty far off-base, research shows. [The Atlantic]

• If you managed to make it through yesterday’s heat wave without getting your hands on a pint of ice cream, props. For the rest of us, this trick will come in handy: Three easy ways to forever avoid dreaded ice cream freezer burn. [Greatist]

• If you’ve ever wondered how long the life of a skin cell is, it’s about 120 days. So if you’re thinking of cutting a food out of your diet — like dairy, for instance, which this registered dietician thinks everyone should try to do — to see if it’s behind your skin’s bad behavior, that’s how long you’ll have to ditch it for. [Huffington Post]

Put cayenne on your pineapple slices. I know it sounds weird, but just trust us. You won’t be sorry. [BLDG 25]

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