The Checkup: The Best (and Worst) Summer Drinks at Starbucks

And more healthy reads to start your week.



• There is simply no denying it: Frappuccinos are delicious. But they are also pretty terrible for you. Like 470-calories-spent-on-your-afternoon-coffee-fix terrible for you. Here, what you should (and shouldn’t) order next time you get a hankering for a sweet, cold drink from Starbucks. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• Prepare to be mesmerized (and catch a serious case of wanderlust): This video of a yogi getting his bend on with a sprawling, calm desert as his backdrop is a jaw-dropper. [Q by Equinox]

Egg-in-a-Hole: A simple, easy, nutritious meal that will make you feel like a kid all over again. Now, that’s what I call a good breakfast. [The New York Times]

• I once had a nightmare that was so insane that I used it as the premise for a screenplay I had to write for a final project in college. But, aside from that one instance, I never thought nightmares were doing much for my life. Turns out, I was wrong. Having terrible things happen to you in your dreams can actually be good for your life in the real world. [Science of Us]

• Here, a long look at the way fructose works within the body that will make you rethink adding agave — yes, I know it’s organic and has a photo of a plant smiling on the package, but still — to your morning tea. [The Atlantic]

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