Soon, You Can Feel a Little Bit Better About Your Oreo Addiction: Skinnier Oreos to Hit Shelves This Month



Even though I can fill my plate with veggies and be happy as a clam, one of the junk foods I still occasionally crave is Oreos. Somehow, the perfect ratio of chocolate wafer to creme makes the sandwich cookie ideal for dunking in milk (or peanut butter, or blending into cheesecake filling — are you drooling too?). And, while some of the recent variations on the original Oreo have been pitiful (who thought Watermelon Oreos were a good idea?), there’s a new version set to debut that we can totally get on-board with. Starting July 13th, Oreo Thins, a more calorie-conscious version of the iconic snack, will be appearing on shelves.

According to TODAY, Oreo Thins will be about half the width of original Oreos and will come in original, golden, and mint varieties. And other than being skinnier (literally), they’ll have the same flavor and crunch as the cookie you know and love.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering about the actual calorie breakdown, so here it is: One Oreo Thin will cost you 35 calories, whereas one original Oreo is about 53. 18 calories might seem like a small difference at first, until you realize the Oreo Thins cuts the calories by nearly half. Make no mistake though, Oreo Thins definitely aren’t a health food — but if you’re going to eat Oreos anyway (c’mon, we know you are), they will be a lighter one.

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