The Checkup: Delicious Fruit-Infused Water Recipes That Make Staying Hydrated Super Easy



• PSA: The high today is going to be 91 degrees. Yep, ninety-one degrees. So you’re going to need to hydrate. If you’re one of those “Water tastes like garbage” people, try one of these delicious fruit-infused water recipes (think: strawberry, lemon and basil or watermelon and mint) that make drinking a glass of water a way more palatable — dare we say drool-worthy — experience. [BuzzFeed]

• If you’re cursing the world right now because you didn’t get enough shuteye last night, take note: The weird tricks sleep experts use when they’re having trouble nodding off. [Greatist]

• For the eyes of people with strong stomachs only: There’s a photo-sharing app for doctors, referred to as “Instagram for doctors,” and it features some of the grossest yet coolest photos you’ve ever seen. [Science of Us]

• The downside of young love: New research shows folks who get married before getting a college degree are 65 percent more likely to become obese. Yikes. [Philadelphia Wedding]

• Three very important reasons to boost your core strength that have absolutely nothing to do with how you look in a bikini. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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