People Are Really Mad Beyoncé Won’t Shut Up About Her Vegan Diet

Meat eaters and vegans alike.



You know that (played out) joke that all vegans talk about is being vegan? Beyoncé is totally living up to the stereotype, which I personally am happy about — spread the plant-based gospel, Queen Bey! — but some of her fans are pissed. Why? They say — true to the joke — the only freakin’ thing Bey talks about is her vegan diet. And they are over it. And they are unleashing their anger all over social media.

So, what ticked them off? Today, in a hyped up segment on Good Morning America, Beyoncé was slated to reveal a big announcement but, it turned out, it wasn’t a big announcement at all. The segment was really just a three-minute-long love letter to her vegan diet and the 22 Days Nutrition meal service she rolled out with celebrity trainer Marco Borges back in February. And, as Gawker quickly noticed, fans who woke up early expecting to hear about something else — anything else! — were not pleased.

To give you a taste of what her fans are saying on Twitter:

And a lot of vegans are pissed off, too:

There’s also a comment war going on over on her Instagram feed, where haters are leaving hamburger and drumstick emojis and her veggie-diet supporters are leaving eggplants, tomatoes and the like. Yes, it’s just as ridiculous as it sounds. But we doubt Bey cares — after all, this is her life.

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