This Is What Biking in Philly Looks Like

New blog IBikePHL showcases the diversity of cyclists around the city.

Khy and June, two bikers featured on IBikePHL.

Khy and June, two bikers featured on IBikePHL.

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia recently rolled a new photo-centric blog called IBikePHL, which gives a very cool glimpse into the way biking and bike accessibility play crucial roles in everyday life for Philadelphians from all over the city.

For the blog, photographer Lora Reehling bikes around the city and shoots folks who are getting their cycle on, and finds out who they are and why they’re using a bike: some are out for exercise, some use their bike to shuttle their kids around, some are bike messengers, and some simply believe “Biking can completely change the world.”

The goal for the blog is to showcase the diversity of bikers around the city, and to bring awareness to the fact that, despite the potholes and the trolley tracks (many of which the city just paved over, thank goodness), Philly is actually a really great city for bikers. And with the addition of the Indego bike share program, which some riders featured on the blog are using, it’s only getting better.

You can check out the blog here, and join in on bringing awareness to biking in Philly by posting your bike selfies (c’mon, we know you take them) with #IBIkePHL.

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