The Perfect Excuse for a Lunchtime Stroll: National Walk at Lunch Day Is Tomorrow 

And the weather is going to be perfect.



Guys, it’s going to be 72 degrees and sunny tomorrow, and you know where you’ll be during your lunch break? No, not sitting hunched over your desk, trying to type with one hand while shoveling leftover pasta into your mouth. You’ll be outside, soaking up the sun! Because tomorrow, April 29th, is National Walk at Lunch Day.

Everyone is encouraged to get out for a walk wherever they are, but if you happen to work around Rittenhouse Square, you might want to head over to Independence Blue Cross’ National Walk at Lunch Day celebration. They’ll be posted up around the park between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. with Mummers and a DJ, and they’ll be accepting sneaker donations for Back on My Feet and signing people up for the new Indego bike share program.

But hey, if you want to use National Walk at Lunch Day to walk yourself right to your favorite frozen yogurt spot (yes, please), that counts, too. And here’s a reason to keep up the lunch strolls after tomorrow: A recent study found that taking a lunch-break walk upped workers’ moods and their abilities to handle work-related stress, essentially making them better at their jobs. So don’t just walk during your lunch break tomorrow, walk all week!

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