The Checkup: Two Crazy Core-Strengthening Burpee Variations You Need to Try, Stat

And more healthy reads for your Tuesday.



• If you have two minutes today (and we know you have two minutes today), try doing one minute of each of these intense core-strengthening burpee variations. Your abs will thank you. [Self]

• Did you know using blue dishware could help you shed pounds? Apparently, the color has the least appealing contrast to food, and acts as an appetite suppressant. Who knew? That, plus 66 more simple tricks to help you lose weight. [Greatist]

• Well, this is scary: A new study out of Britain’s Loughborough University found that driving while dehydrated doubled drivers’ chances of making life-threatening driving errors, like drifting into the wrong lane or braking late. [Yahoo Health]

• Eat your way to better brain power with these foods. [Huffington Post]

• An elite runner dishes on why you shouldn’t ditch the treadmill just because spring weather has finally arrived. [Outside Magazine]

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