The Checkup: This Is Your Body On Fast Food

And more bookmark-worthy reads to start your day.



• Remember those “This is your brain on drugs” commercials? Well, this is your body on a fast food, which — let’s be honest — can be pretty darn addictive, too. [Yahoo Health]

• I never thought I would call a bike helmet cool. Necessary, yes. Cool? Not so much. But this bike helmet, called The Morpher, folds up nice and small so you can carry it hassle-free when you aren’t wearing it. Cool, right? [Huffington Post]

• Here, how to avoid catching somebody else’s bad mood — because moods really are contagious! [Science of Us]

• Some serious breakfast inspiration for you: What 23 health experts eat for breakfast. [Greatist]

• Looks like Tylenol doesn’t just numb your pain, it numbs your emotions, too. [The New York Times]

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