Take the Philly Veg Pledge: Ditch Meat for One Week, Starting April 20th

An excuse to eat at Mama's Vegetarian every single day. What more could you want?



Did you guys know Us VegWeek was a thing? Neither did I — but it is, and it starts on Monday. Awesome, right? And to get Philly folks to join in on the weeklong celebration of vegetarian eating, Greenlimbs, a site dedicated to sustainability in Philly, has teamed up with the Humane League to start the Philly Veg Pledge: a campaign encouraging Philly folks to commit to a meat-free diet for seven days.

Here’s the deal: To join in on the Philly Veg Pledge, all you have to do is sign up for the US VegWeek pledge here, saying you’ll ditch meat from April 20th through April 26th. Then, document your week of meat-free eating, tagging all your veggie-related posts and photos with #PhillyVegPledge.

If you join in, you’ll be in great company: All sorts of Philly folks — like Scott Schroeder of South Philly Taproom, Julie Hancher of Green Philly Blog, former Philadelphia Flyer Riley Cotes, Judy Wicks of White Dog Cafe, Senator Anthony Williams, and more — have taken the Philly Veg Pledge. Plus, you’ll have a reason to eat at Mama’s Vegetarian every single day. What more could you want?

You can keep up with the campaign by following @greenlimbs and @HumaneLeaguePHL on Twitter.

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