Meet Milkshakes, This Week’s Adoptable Running Dog

This guy could be your new favorite running pal.

Leah Milito

Leah Milito

Meet Milkshakes, this week’s adoptable running pup, currently being housed at ACCT. (The Monster Milers are hoping to get him into their Adopt a Running Buddy program, but they are low on fosters at the moment; you can learn how to become a foster here.) He’s super sweet and affectionate, and would make for the perfect running pal or Netflix-marathon partner. So start your weekend off right and go spring this guy from ACCT. But first, learn more about him below. 

Name: Milkshakes

Age: 1 to 2 years

Breed: Labrador retriever/terrier mix

Size: 35 pounds

Background: Milkshakes was found as a stray.

Running style: Milkshakes knows how to push through and stay lighthearted, qualities runners both respect and aspire to themselves. The Monster Milers were able to spend some great time with him at the shelter, and while they weren’t able to take him out for a spin as they would have liked, they were impressed with what they saw: He’s unfazed by other dogs as well as cats, is bright and eager to please, and wags his tail furiously. He might need to bulk up a bit before developing a regular regimen of running with his lucky new friend, but his strong legs and sleek black coat show that he’s clearly got a need for speed.

Why Milkshakes is awesome: Milkshakes is super sweet and affectionate, with very obvious potential to be a great training partner and a friend for life. He’s old enough to be past the puppy stuff, but young enough to still have plenty of surprises and wonderful things to show his new owner.

The Monster Milers would like to help him through their Adopt a Running Buddy rescue program; as they do not have a shelter, they count on the generosity and kindness of their foster parents to give dogs like Milkshakes a chance to shine. If you’d like to foster this lovely lad, you can find more information on how to become a foster parent with the Monster Milers here.

If you’re interested in adopting Milkshakes, stop by the ACCT at 111 West Hunting Park Avenue and ask about adopting. Milkshakes’ record number is A25017095. For more information about the adoption process, visit their website. And for more awww-worthy photos, check out our previous adoptable running dogs here.


We work with The Monster Milers each and every week to profile local running dogs waiting to be adopted. The Monster Milers are a group of runners who help shelter dogs burn off  energy and get much-needed exercise by taking them on runs around the city, and they also just launched their first-of-it’s-kind Adopt a Running Buddy foster program. If you’re not in the market for a pup right now, but would still love to help out homeless dogs, you can always become a Monster Miler volunteer or foster parent. Find out more about how to get started with those processes here

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