The Checkup: Is THIS the Best Time to Exercise for Weight Loss?



• We’ve been on the early-morning workout bandwagon for a while now, and if you’re looking to slim down, you should probably hop on board, too: Looks like the early morning might be the best time of day to exercise for weight loss. [The New York Times]

• You know that gritty, chalky feeling your teeth get after you eat a spinach salad? Well, the technical term is “spinach teeth” (creative, I know), and this is why it happens. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• You thought a regular ol’ plank was hard? Try this variation for a supercharged ab workout. [Men’s Health]

• Turns out, close friends aren’t just good for bringing us judgment-free pints of Ben & Jerry’s when we’re feeling down, they’re also really good for our health. Like, really good. [Huffington Post]

• It’s Monday, and Mondays tend to come with a lovely combination of the Monday blues and stress about the week ahead. So, you’ll probably be needing these: 21 zen-inducing gifs. [BuzzFeed]

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