The Checkup: How to Beat the Winter Blues Once and for All 



• It’s almost the weekend, people! Finally! If you have a bad case of the winter blues, you’re probably looking forward to holing up in your house with Friends (the show, not to be confused with real human beings), but you might want to try doing a few of these things instead: Here, four doctor-approved tricks for beating the winter blues. [Well + Good]

• Well, here’s one way to squeeze more protein into your diet: Cricket Flour Cookies. Yes, cricket flour cookies. [MindBodyGreen]

• If you often find yourself thinking, “Holy crap, my memory sucks,” try closing your eyes. A new study says closing your eyes could be the key to remembering more. [Science of Us]

• Warning: This recipe for sweet potato hummus will, without a doubt, make you drool all over your desk. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

• A case for working out with your significant other: Couples who work out together are more likely to reach their fitness goals, new research shows. [The Atlantic]

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