The Checkup: Why Calorie Labels Are Lying to You



• Fascinating read here, folks, about how calorie totals fluctuate depending on how you consume your food—whether you take it raw, cooked, mashed, blended, whathaveyou. Makes you wonder: Are calorie labels lying to you? [Discover Magazine]

• The many benefits of exercise aren’t just physical, you know. There’s plenty of good happening in your body that you can’t see. [Outside Magazine]

• This is the most inspiring thing you’ll read all day: 85-year-old Susie Wilson’s story about why she still runs. [Zelle]

• And while you’re thinking about Susie, read all about how exercise keeps you young. [New York Times]

• This whole body-tracker thing may officially be going off the rails. Case in point: The newest gadget on the market tracks and charts your bad breath. [Refinery29]

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