Bicycle Coalition Maps Four Years of Bike Crashes in Philly



Since 2011, John Boyle of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia has been using newspaper reports to keep a map of bicycle traffic crashes in Philly. The map shows 55 crashes in the past four years, and the information it provides is pretty jarring. Get this: Of the 55 crashes marked on the map, a whopping 27 of them were fatal. That’s nearly half, people! And 16 of the crashes were hit and runs.

Now, remember: This map isn’t necessarily a direct reflection of how many bike crashes in total have happened in Philly, or even where they occur most often, for that matter. After all, not every crash is even reported, let alone written up in the newspaper. But it’s definitely still worth a look.

You can check out Boyle’s work here. (And if this piques your interest, you might also be into this map revealing all the reported bike crashes in Philly between 2007 and 2012.)

And now, time for me to beg you like I beg my boyfriend on the daily: Please, pretty please, wear your freakin’ helmet.

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