The Checkup: The Real, Lab-Tested Calorie Counts for Takeout Pizza

• Domino’s, Pizza Hut and Papa John’s had better watch out. A lab in Colorado tested pizza slices from popular takeout chains to see how closely the calorie counts printed on menus matched up to their own results. Spoiler: It doesn’t look good. [Men’s Health]

• Brain games (we’re looking at you, Lumosity) may be nothing more than that: games. Experts say this whole brain-training business to improve cognitive function is sort of crap. [The Atlantic]

• The secret to living longer? Feeling younger, says a new study. [TIME]

• Talk about donating your body to science: This fit 50-year-old Paleo apologist decided to drink 10 cans of Coke a day for one month just to see what would happen. Any guesses? [Prevention]

• Get this: A newfangled vending machine with built-in face-recognition software could decide whether or not you’re allowed (yes, allowed) to buy that bag of potato chips. [Newser]

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