Can This Gum Make You a Better Runner?

run gumIf you like the feeling of a caffeine jolt before a race but don’t particularly love the way a cup of coffee sits in your stomach (I feel ya), listen up. A new product called Run Gum might be just what you’re looking for.

Created by a former Olympian, who also just so happens to be a biochemist by training, Run Gum is a caffeine-laced chewing gum souped up with B-vitamins and an amino acid. Each piece contains 50 milligrams, and there are two pieces of gum in a pack; chewing both would give you the jolt of a cup of coffee, minus the upset stomach.

The product’s website explains that chewing gum is actually a more efficient vehicle for delivering a caffeine jolt than coffee. “Unlike most sources of caffeine that are absorbed through the lining of the stomach,” it reads, “Run Gum delivers a kick up to 5x faster through sublingual absorption.” The makers recommend chewing one piece before you run and one piece afterward.

Run Gum comes in mint and fruit flavors, and sells for $18 for a 24-piece pack. Would you try it?

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